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# Name Land Type Rarity Lava Attack Health Description
# #5 #5 #2 #5 #8 #5 #6
Amount Name Land Type Rarity Lava Attack Health Description
0The Summer PalaceArcadiaSpellRare200Gain +4 Lava.
0Pipes of PanArcadiaSpellRare300Give your card +2/+2.
0Velosina of the Sacred StablesArcadiaCreepEpic646Heal. Restore all your cards to full Health.
0Snares of the FaeArcadiaCreepMythic536Summon 1/2 Bushwhack Wolf with Buff.
0Gift of the Great Green OnesArcadiaCreepEpic724Summon 4/2 Stranglevines with Reborn.
0Centaur WarbandArcadiaCreepRare214Stun
0Sunfire StrikeArcadiaCreepLegendary833Power of God. Calls down a meteor to destroy all cards on board.
0Summer StormsArcadiaCreepRare324Rage
0Bushwhack WolfArcadiaCreepCommon112Grant a friendly card +1/+0.
0Hippolyta’s BowBoreasCreepEpic535Attacks twice.
0Rip and RendBoreasCreepCommon121Rage
0The Fortress of WindsBoreasSpellLegendary800Power of God. Give +2/+2 to all your cards.
0Panoply of MinosBoreasSpellMythic500Give your non-Taunt card Immune for one turn and restore its health.
0Cantankerous MammothBoreasCreepRare332Summon 2/1 Rip and Rend with Rage.
0Sudden SnowdriftsBoreasCreepRare222Invincibile. Your Hero becomes immune to any damage for one turn.
0Hilltop Fort of the AmazonsBoreasCreepMythic316Taunt
0The Breath of BoreasBoreasCreepLegendary825Power of God. While attacking, deals damage to all enemy cards on board.
0Cyclops Rock RainBoreasCreepCommon112Stun
0Claws of the HarpyBoreasCreepMythic423Lifesteal
0Edge of NightHadesCreepLegendary311Taunt. Immune for one turn.
0A Mustering of SoulsHadesSpellRare100Gain +3 Lava.
0Cerberus, Hound of HadesHadesSpellLegendary800Power of God. Give your card +5/+5.
0Funeral Barge of AcheronHadesCreepEpic726Give your cards +1 damage. Immortal.
0Sepulchral ArmourHadesCreepRare222Heal. Restore 3 health points to your Hero.
0The Hymn of ThanatosHadesCreepMythic535Deal 2 damage to a random enemy card.
0Javelins of ThanatosHadesCreepRare443Draw. Add one Shade Warrior to your hand.
0A Storm of StrixHadesCreepEpic625Lifesteal
0Shade WarriorHadesCreepCommon121Undead
0Spartan PhylarchNeutralCreepFree231Give your card +1/+0.
0Dung of the HarpyNeutralSpellFree300Reduces your target card's health by half
0Helm of the Lost HeroNeutralSpellFree200Give your card +1/+1.
0Zoupa the EmpousaNeutralCreepFree313Lifesteal
0The Lion GateNeutralCreepFree213Stun
0Spartoi HopliteNeutralCreepFree744Summon 2/4 Spartoi Peltast with Undead.
0Iskandrian ScoutNeutralCreepFree121No Special Abilities.
0Spartoi PeltastNeutralCreepFree424Undead
0Acolyte of VulcanNeutralCreepFree332Copy
0Gorgon GuardNeutralCreepFree314Stoneskin. Stuns attackers.
0The Shield of AjaxNeutralCreepFree332Give your card +1 health.
0Hyperenor of the SpartoiNeutralCreepFree111Undead
0Laughter of the GodsNeutralCreepFree623Summon Priest of Momos to the board
0Golden wine of DyonysusNeutralCreepFree324Confused. Attacks a random target after chose target
0Dryad's HeartNeutralCreepFree653Fortified. Increases its health each turn by 1
0Golden LyreNeutralCreepFree835Silence enemy card
0Iaso's BalmNeutralCreepFree434Heal. Restore 1HP to your Hero
0Statuette of AresNeutralCreepFree333Draw. Add 1 Warrior of Ares to your hand
0Pomegranate WineNeutralCreepFree543Taunt
0Hardwood ClubNeutralSpellFree100Deal 1 damage to an enemy card
0Aelous, Keeper of the WindsNeutralCreepFree435No Special Abilities.
0High Priest of AsclepiusNeutralCreepFree422Heal. Restore the health of one card.
0Petition the GodsNeutralSpellFree100Draw. Your hero loses 1 health and draws 1 card.
0Priest of MomosNeutralCreepFree314Taunt
0Sorceress of HecateNeutralCreepFree425Curse. Reduces your target's damage by half.
0Jas the HelotNeutralCreepFree111No Special Abilities.
0The Aegis of AthenaNeutralCreepFree516Immortal. While this card is on board, your hero can't take damage.
0Warrior of AresNeutralCreepFree222Rage
0Libation of BloodNeutralSpellFree600Sacrifice. Your Hero loses 10 health and destroys all cards on board.
0Invocation of HeliosNeutralSpellFree200Deal 2 damage to a random enemy card.
0The Spear of AchillesNotusCreepMythic433Attacks twice.
0SandstormNotusCreepMythic413Strike the enemies 3 times.
0Myrmidon WarriorNotusCreepEpic653Summon 3/3 The Spear of Achilles.
0Desert WindsNotusCreepRare223Stun
0The Ones Who DrinkNotusCreepCommon122Confused. Attacks a random target after attacking your target.
0Scorpion StanceNotusCreepMythic546Taunt
0Shield of AchillesNotusCreepEpic733Give your non-Taunt card Immune for one turn and +2 damage.
0Storm SurgeNotusSpellRare000Gain +2 Lava.
0Blood of the CockatriceNotusSpellLegendary800Power of God. Give all your cards Immune for 1 turn.