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sync: 2023-10-11 16:00:17

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Card: Pouch of Gold Obols

First MetaData
    "dateTime": "2024-04-25 11:19:26",
    "nftId": 93566,
    "metaData": {
        "Title": "Pouch of Gold Obols",
        "Type": "Spell",
        "Species": "Spell",
        "Land": "Hades",
        "Ability": "Return a random creature from your graveyard to the battlefield",
        "FlavourText": "Charon, Ferryman of Hades, covets these rare coins above all others and will return the dead to life in exchange for them",
        "Artist": "Maria Dedevesi",
        "edition": "",
        "title": "Pouch of Gold Obols",
        "dappid": 11,
        "image": "QmcBNMeyVJwwkXpVj7ps44aF6qE7maGN2PgDbVMkGEyEJd",
        "owner": "0x4f3251f30C6f9ae9a38c134762daFF7dBB6d810E"