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Card: Nebula’s Creed – A Killer I Must Be

First MetaData
    "dateTime": "2022-09-28 01:04:50",
    "nftId": 53100,
    "metaData": {
        "Title": "Nebula’s Creed – A Killer I Must Be",
        "author": "0xF54d4fa6Dc75DfAa64080eF9685CAEe84A4d3Bbc",
        "dappid": 12,
        "Type": "Key Item",
        "Description": "My body trembles as I wade through the trench, A garbage plantation 'twas not half of the stench;  As I turn to my left and turn to my right,  Notice all here - ready to fight.  It made me feel uneasy at first,  The taste of blood will not quench my thirst.  You see, I am not what you want me to be;  A killer born ruthless and sent over sea.  I took a step towards this dark gloomy path,  I think it is time to rethink the math.   Hoping for life and peace with joy;  This is not a game, I am not your damn toy.  Yearning to love and let loose the beast,  I decided to kill and begin the feast.  Knowing that if I complete the task, I may not return in a blood-drenched cask.  So look to your left and look to your right;  Does this pointless fight help you to sleep at night?",
        "Edition": "1/75",
        "Rarity": "Diamond",
        "Quest Level": "Village",
        "Craft/Non-Craft": "Non-Craft",
        "image": "QmaFeWq5VKxwatawaR6j7BT7U7oAgTzEDMrxRr6K4u9yAF",
        "owner": "0xDE3aEbfCa469Dadf953398417E20aD61a9b5e5Cd"