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Card: Sword of Salvation

First MetaData
    "dateTime": "2023-10-04 17:39:45",
    "nftId": 52209,
    "metaData": {
        "Title": "Sword of Salvation",
        "author": "0xF54d4fa6Dc75DfAa64080eF9685CAEe84A4d3Bbc",
        "dappid": 12,
        "Type": "Key Item",
        "Description": "Legends say that SHAman of the elite order were bestowed this holy treasure - forged by Fortis Alliance with guidance from the SHAmanVillage Council - to vanquish the Nakamoto Bandits who hold our dear prince captive in an unknown Nakamoto Bandit Dungeon. There have been myths that the Sword of Salvation, when combined with the Shield of Serenity, can shoot a beam of SHAmanic Synergy that spans greater than the eye can see.",
        "Editions": "200",
        "Rarity": "Emerald",
        "Quest Level": "Village",
        "Craft/Non-Craft": "Non-Craft",
        "image": "QmXGBbZsf7hhUnJaWiA9DqXY3xsydvLWv1HH4xF7teDPkV",
        "owner": "0x89d3F812f6B330F6711267eA8cb130B56744B8D4"