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Card: Zou Jingyuan

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    "dateTime": "2023-10-04 16:09:23",
    "nftId": 60574,
    "metaData": {
        "author": "0xF54d4fa6Dc75DfAa64080eF9685CAEe84A4d3Bbc",
        "dappid": "13",
        "Title": "Zou Jingyuan",
        "Description": "Zou Jingyuan (Chinese: 邹敬园; pinyin: Zōu Jìngyuán, born 3 January 1998) is a Chinese artistic gymnast who specializes on Parallel Bars.At the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, Zou competed for the People's Republic of China, a team including Sun Wei, Zou Jingyuan, Xiao Ruoteng, and Lin Chaopan.The team won Olympic bronze with a combined score of 262.397, 0.606 points beneath the winning team.",
        "image": "QmUA3XmnFUeUT5MMaMvtgiAPRbUy1SHcvzjha8qXym3Hi4",
        "owner": "0x10721966B421a2c69f8A2a2825DdBB78B9d26F68"