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sync: 2023-10-11 16:00:32

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Card: Isipinxa

First MetaData
    "dateTime": "2024-04-25 11:55:32",
    "nftId": 83811,
    "metaData": {
        "author": "0xF54d4fa6Dc75DfAa64080eF9685CAEe84A4d3Bbc",
        "dappid": 33,
        "Title": "Isipinxa",
        "Description": "Isipinxa of the Land from which no-one returns is insane, even for a sphinx, has soft and shiny fur and wields a dwarven minion called Neswulf. Isipinxa wears Coeus' Crown of Confession. Those that gaze upon it must stop what they are doing and give up their most guilty secrets.",
        "Wave": "1",
        "Type": "Sphinx",
        "Attack": "225",
        "Defense": "425",
        "Speed": "175",
        "image": "QmZH7anWdB4uz7A7HWdeGT1SBoD9hKdZZh1WTVRD2F3Kd9",
        "Edition": "28/500",
        "owner": "0x4f574837209d205fB87FAB2C4079F251667Af3E5"