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dApp: 1001
Title: Outlaw Cowboy Archetype
dApp: 1001

sync: 2023-06-04 06:30:31

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Title: Outlaw Cowboy Archetype

First MetaData
    "dateTime": "2023-06-04 06:55:21",
    "nftId": 6367,
    "metaData": {
        "dappid": 1001,
        "title": "Outlaw Cowboy Archetype",
        "collection": "Limited Edition Genesis Single Pack",
        "description": "This outlaw archetype was born in an orphanage, started living on the streets from the age of 9, and has been robbing, shooting, drinking, and fighting his way ever since. His draw speed is as quick as his temper and is harder than hell to kill.",
        "image": "QmbVYPXUfGiPFQghkLA4TFfio7mhRivvLhVxuF9SLazToW"