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dApp: 1001
Title: Patsy Sinclair
dApp: 1001

sync: 2023-06-04 07:00:32

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Title: Patsy Sinclair

First MetaData
    "dateTime": "2023-06-04 07:09:54",
    "nftId": 6628,
    "metaData": {
        "dappid": 1001,
        "title": "Patsy Sinclair",
        "collection": "Limited Edition Genesis Single Pack",
        "description": "'Patsy was born in El Paso but has drifted from town to town most of her life. Rumour has it that she was a burlesque dancer in New York City before deciding to try her luck out West. She loves to steal horses and hearts: but don’t let her looks fool you; she is a cold-blooded killer.",
        "image": "QmfQWP8uFesk138JoTmXyZykwto2NYLihVRXWjdN6W3pZh"