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VV Building Assets
dApp: 121

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VV Building Assets

Phearei Statue

Tomyios Statue

Venomtail Statue

Wolfshadow Statue

Boreas War Banner

Phearei War Banner

Arcadia War Banner

Wolfshadow War Banner

Hades War Banner

Venomtail War Banner

Notus War Banner

Tomyios War Banner

Phearei Hanging Flag

Arcadia Hanging Flag

Tomyios Hanging Flag

Boreas Hanging Flag

Wolfshadow Hanging Flag

Hades Hanging Flag

Venomtail Hanging Flag

Notus Hanging Flag


Basket with Cloths


Clay Plate

Clay Plates

Clay Pot closed

Clay Pot

Cloth Carpet

Cloth Chest

Cloth Hanger

Cloth Hook Hanger

Handpainted Pot 2

Handpainted Pot closed 2

Handpainted Pot closed

Handpainted Pot

Pottery Wheel

Shelves with Pots

Small Pot closed

Small Pot

Tavern Drink Barrel

Tavern Shelves 2

Tavern Shelves

Tavern Stand 2

Tavern Stand

Tavern Table 2

Tavern Table

Terracotta Plate

Terracotta Pot closed

Terracotta Pot

Wall Swords

Mother Of All Figs

Dungeon Candles

Dungeon Candles 2

Dungeon Gate

Dungeon Gate open

Dungeon Stocks 1

Dungeon Stocks 2

Dungeon Treasure Chest

Dungeon Chain Stocks

Dungeon Weapon Stand

Dungeon Prison Cell 1

Dungeon Prison Cell 2

Dungeon Prison Cell 3

Dungeon Prison Cell 4

Dungeon Trap 1

Dungeon Trap 2

Blacksmith's Axe

Blacksmith's Barrel

Blacksmith's Barrel 2

Blacksmith's Coal Stack

Blacksmith's Coal Stack 2

Blacksmith's Furnace

Blacksmith's Furnace 2

Blacksmith's Hammer

Blacksmith's Pincer

Blacksmith's Shield

Blacksmith's Stone Anvil

Blacksmith's Stone Anvil 2

Blacksmith's Sword

Blacksmith's Sword 2

Blacksmith's Wooden Anvil

Blacksmith's Wooden Anvil 2

Blacksmith's Barn